Oracle OIVT Library


Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology (OIVT) Library is a comprehensive viewing SDK and it displays the files without using the file's native applications. FullVue uses it to display the files, and DiffVue and DiffFTP use it for PDF rendition.


Since it is a property of Oracle, DiffVue setup program doesn't include it. However, to avoid any configuration of OIVT and to demonstrate what OIVT can do, the extremely simplified OIVT evaluation copy is available. To install it, click this link.


When OIVT is absent on the system, the following dialog will be displayed during FullVue launch or PDF rendition from DiffVue and DiffFTP:


The version of the evaluation copy is v8.2.2.

Oracle releases OIVT frequently to keep up with the latest version of the most applications. Therefore, once you finish evaluation, you should access to, the Oracle's official OIVT download website, not only to resolve the legal issue but also to get the continuous update support.