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  DiffFTP is a variation of DiffVue, the main DIFF application. DiffFTP is a mini Windows Explorer, except you can display one local folder in the left view and one FTP server folder in the right view. You can delete a single file/folder to multiple files/folders from a specific view or from the both views. You can copy a single file/folder to the other view. You can rename a single file/folder in a selected view. Furthermore, you can compare two binary or text files.

  • Does delete / copy / rename file(s) & folder(s) from Local hard disk or FTP server.
  • Compares two text files whether Unicode or ASCII, by launching DiffEditor.
  • Creates a single PDF file using existing file or folder located in the local disk. (OIVT required)
  • Provides the enhanced search tool including regular expression by launching DiffSearch.
  • Displays the contents of the most popular document formats by launching FullVue. (OIVT required)
  • Displays two binary files in hexadecimal format by launching HexCompare.
  • Provides drag-n-drop from/to Windows Explorer.

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    Connecting FTP server

    DiffVue screenshot | Diff Software

    Available popup menus in Local view

    DiffVue screenshot | Diff Software

    Available popup menus in FTP view

    DiffVue screenshot | Diff Software

    PDF Rendition

    DiffVue Family Overview
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    Brief Overview

    DiffVue screenshot | Diff Software

    Detail Overview

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